Right now, in our community:

1 in 5

don't have enough to eat


are homeless


die of opioid overdose every month

Responding to the need is no longer enough.

In spite of the generosity and work of so many, poverty in Cleveland is still devastating. Why? The complex, intertwined root causes need to be addressed. People who can’t read cannot find jobs and may lose their homes. Their children miss school and fall behind, triggering a new generation of poverty.

A bold new approach to the fight.

Meeting immediate needs will always be crucial, and we’ll never waver in that work. But now we’re also investing in proactive, strategic approaches and bringing together the best minds in Cleveland to search for lasting solutions.

A Smarter Response.

Launched last year, our Hub Model is a rigorous, data-driven way of helping us choose the agency partners that make every dollar donated work harder. These agencies also work collaboratively to leverage resources, increase impact, and begin chipping away at poverty’s root causes.

Radical, Sustainable Solutions.

The Impact Institute is an ambitious collaboration among thought leaders in government, non-profit agencies, foundations, and the private sector which takes on the big questions and most critical issues. Together, they’ll address chronic social problems that keep thousands trapped in poverty.

Traditional thinking can’t solve the problems of poverty. United, we will.

Stand With Us.

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